Olga and Aleksey Ivanov ~ Egg tempera painters

Olga and Aleksey Ivanov. The Ivanovs emigrated from Russia to the United States in 2002. There were a number of reasons for their move. “We were working with a New York art agency by that time, and due to bureaucracy it was nearly impossible to deliver our art to clients on time”, says Aleksey. “Also, the tremendous interest in our art in the U.S. gave us a clear message that this is the country where we want to create”. They heard about Colorado from a visiting American writer friend. After arriving in the states they headed west, and, finding the Colorado landscapes eerily similar to those in Mantegna’s paintings, they instantly fell in love with the state. Their studio and home are located just outside of Denver. “When we begin a painting it usually starts with a drive”, says Olga. “Then we will stop in a beautiful place and discuss it”.

The Ivanovs’ paintings are unique because of their subject matter, joint execution, and medium. Art historians and writers sometimes refer to egg tempera as a secret process. But it’s not really secret, say the Ivanovs. “It just takes years to learn. When you first start to do it, you feel like a child. You spend years of hard work, and sacrifice your life to it because it’s difficult to deal with the technique successfully. But it cannot be imitated, and that’s what makes it unique”, says Aleksey. “It’s all about being different, innovative. When you combine all of that, it makes a different language, your own song. We’re trying to sing our song”.


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