farid Fadel Hanna Murkus/ Egyptian painter

Farid Fadel Hanna Murkus. The original inspiration of this painting was a little girl on a donkey in Saqqara. Her serious yet innocent expression puts her in full command as she conducts the white animal back to the field. Something about her was quite reminiscent of “King Tut”, the child king. While working on a preliminary drawing, her stick was transformed into a royal crook and I put a Pharonic flail in her other hand. The rural background was no longer in harmony so I carefully stuck gold-leaf over most of it, except where the two beams of light frame a golden pyramid alluding to afterlife and infinity. The bottom part of the painting shows the top part of the donkey’s head, where his ears are mirror-imaged. This particular detail has been read by some people as a white dove!
Many viewers see in it a harmony between the Pharonic, Christian and Islamic traditions. With such props as the crook and flail, halo and light beams and veiled Arab girl, one could read much into this painting. The halo encircling the child’s head is composed of the two overlapping circles that form a couple of golden crescents symbolic of Islam.
Someone went even further as to quote a Bible verse; “Out of Egypt have I called my son.”








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