Jiang Guo Fang / 姜國芳 ~ Forbidden city

Jiang Guo Fang (姜國芳) was born in April 27th 1951 Nanchang, Jiangxi. In 1978 graduated from China Central Academy of Fine ArtsThe oil painting department, school to teach. In 1979 Central Academy of Drama dance department, Central Academy of fine art in 1984 of Department of oil painting course learning, after graduation to return to teaching at the Central Academy of Drama, now Professor.
In 1986 take part in the sixth national art exhibition, Beijing won the first prize in 1990, Oman held the “International Youth biennial Art Exhibition” and won the prize. In 1993 the organization and participated in the “figurative oil painting exhibition” (China Artists Association to host). In a 2003 Hami art fair. 2004The Palace MuseumJiang Guofang hosted the “Forbidden City Series exhibition“. Should the United States Florida State University invited lectures, participating in the New York The Empire State Building “World Chinese artists exhibition“.
The paintings of the “Forbidden City” series, portraits and scenes from the 600 years old imperial palace, have their own unique expression due to the distinctive painting style he has developed. Unswervingly Jiang Guo Fang strives for artistic perfection, which occasionally he is trying to find by painting variations of one motif, changing size, composition and colours. His masterful paintings bring back to life the Forbidden City and its history, symbol and mysticism of the great Chinese emperors.


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